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BANI Classes

Class Schedule

Class #1

- The Normalcy of Birth

- Parents want non-medicated births

- The uterus works

- Why/how fear affects labor

- Why is labor painful for some people and not others?

- The mind/body connection is real.  Preparing the mind/body/spirit

- Taking responsibility for your birth

New birth videos for all four classes.

B.A.N.I. book and “Time to Relax CD” to bring home.

Class #2

-Pre-natal bonding

- Preparing the body for childbirth with exercises, guided imagery, breathing techniques, visualization and client centered relaxation deepening techniques that fit the techniques to the client rather than trying to fit all clients to a few techniques.

- Why the “due” date is actually a “guess” date

- How the body’s miraculous cascade of hormones will direct and guide the mother’s labor, effectively, efficiently and naturally at just the right pace for each mother and baby and why every birth is unique from every other birth.

- Know your options and learn about potential benefits/risks to be able to make informed decisions, allowing for “the ability to give true informed consent.” Avoiding unnecessary artificial induction.

- “Journey To Inner Awareness” experiential techniques CD and Class handouts to bring home.

Class #3

- Preparing a birth plan that welcomes and encourages support from medical care providers so that parents can actually create an environment conducive to achieving the birth they envision.

- Releasing fear that can cause pain during labor or hinder the progression of labor

- Not all births go as planned/how to handle the unexpected.  Potential interventions you must understand before you can give true “informed consent when they are truly a medical necessity.”

- Unique techniques individualized for each participant and additional handouts.

Class #4

- The birth process: what to expect before, during and after birth

- Breathing techniques to help baby gently descend down birth path, enhancing the body’s natural expulsion reflex, oftentimes shortening descent time.  Often eliminates the need for exhaustive, harsh “purple pushing”, allowing for baby’s calm, relaxed arrival into mother’s arms.

- Bringing the mind/body connection together to create the birth you envision

- “Breath of Life” birth rehearsal CD

B.A.N.I. Classes

The B.A.N.I. classes are taught in private setting and group settings.  Please contact me for more information or to set up a class.

B.A.N.I. (Birthing As Nature Intended)

What is B.A.N.I.?

Birthing As Nature Intended, (B.A.N.I.)™ is more than a book or childbirth preparation program.  B.A.N.I. is about taking responsibility for achieving the birth you envision, utilizing your power of choice and learning how to become actively involved in the welfare of your loved ones before birth, during labor and indeed for the rest of your lives. 

Why B.A.N.I.?

There are a lot of good childbirth preparation programs.  The B.A.N.I.™ program is different in that it is totally “client centered,” meaning that there is no such thing as one set of exercises and techniques that will work for every person.  Your B.A.N.I.™ Practitioner has been trained to help every mother, (and father), find their unique and individual way to achieve the deepest levels of relaxation rapidly and efficiently.  You will utilize what you learn from B.A.N.I., in all aspects of your life, and especially to achieve the most optimal childbirth that you envision.


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